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Q&A with Isabelle L. A bright and passionated girl that loves tailoring and fashion design.

Daniel G. : Hi Isabelle, I am delighted to start with you the first interview for #trueinteriorcampaign!

Isabelle L. : Hey Daniel, from the first moment I heard about it I was very enthousiastic to share a bit of my daily lifestyle to see how can I improve my living and working space!

Daniel G. : Let’s start discovering a bit about yourself! What do you enjoy doing afterwork?

Isabelle L. : After my working hours, I like to fill in the rest of the time with activities that relax and bring me satisfaction.

Daniel G. : Great! Everyone knows that work is taking most of the time of our life,but sometimes it becomes also a hobby! Can you tell me what do you like to do as a hobby?

Isabelle L. : The hobby that takes most of my time is fashion design and this determined me to buy a tailoring mannequin.

Daniel G. : Sounds amazing! I was always thinking of mannequins as a source of inspiration for my photoshoots too. But how does this hobby manifest as a big passion for you?

Isabelle L. : I love to sketch and design unique and special clothing items, to make my own patterns and also to choose proper materials from a local store.

Daniel G. : For me this is really clear that you love what you do! I am guessing that you also need some specific areas where you can develop the whole process, right?

Isabelle L. : This activity requires different working spots in order to satisfy some technical requirements. One spot should be dedicated to conceptual sketching, a second one for patterns drawing in the real scale and also for tailoring and ironing and a last one for the sewing machine.

Daniel G. : Oh la la! This sounds really interesting and challenging to me! I can imagine a lot of activity there! But what are you doing after a busy schedual?

Isabelle L. : After a very long day , I would enjoy a cup of tea next to a good book in a sunny and cozy spot in the nature.If the weather doesn’t allow, I would love to have my own green corner inside the house.

Daniel G. : What a coincidence! I love the same! Apart from this, are you also doing other activities?

Isabelle L. : I am also dedicating some time to fitness every day. I am not using special equipment so I would just need an empty space where I can move around.

Daniel G. : We need to keep our mental and physical health in a good state so that’s great! Do you need another special spaces for you?

Isabelle L. : Life is not only about work. Friends and social contacts are also a very important part of my life.It would be great to have a meeting space where I can also enjoy some boardgames and have some fun from while to while.

Daniel G. : Great, Isabelle! I really enjoyed talking with you! I think I have enough information to create a personalized interior advice for you!

Isabelle L. : Nice! We keep in touch !

After careful analyse of Isabelle’s lifestyle and space using wish, I ended up with some conclusions that are illustrated via moodboard and the following description. Every detail that Isabelle is mentionting is very important during the process because the final response should offer a specific solution. Because she is passionated about fashion design and tailoring, I think that a quite minimalist and neutral environment would help her focus on her work and emphasize the final products that she is creating, which should become the center of attention. A sense of utility and simplicity , combined with a texture twist given by painted brick wall and gray wooden floor would transform the working environment into a bit sober, but also sophisticated and eye catching space. The furniture itself should also stick to this practical concept and should be as minimal as possible and slightly varied by some detailed accents like lighting elements. In the same time Isabelle is an artist and I could read her joy and passion about life when he had the talk. That’s why I felt the necessity to add a bit of color to this neutral environment. The spots that she is willing to use as relaxing areas or dynamic areas should light up the fire inside her and bring a certain feeling of vitality, dynamism and self empowerment. If it’s not possible to make an outdoor connection with nature, then the nature itself should connect inside with Isabelle.

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